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by Alex White

On Monday I was invited to RSPCA Southridge to look around the centre as a part of hashtag Generation Kind.

Generation Kind is a project ‘that aim(s) to nurture and encourage the values of kindness and compassion towards all animals within children and young people of today. In this way, we can create a future society that is truly kind to animals’.


Upon arrival I was introduced to Cass, the wonderful lady who invited me. After chatting and being introduced to everyone else who was on this event, we started our walk around the centre.

To start off with we visited the check-up room where the vets look after all the animals, cleaning, feeding and rehabilitating them. In the room there was a pigeon which had a broken wing and a baby bird which was very hard to identify due to its age, possibly a sparrow.

Next was my favourite part, the dogs. There were so many dogs in the block which made me emotional, both happy and sad. I was extremely happy to see that so many dogs were being cared for, however I was heartbroken by the barking of the dogs as we walked passed and how they were trying to catch our attention.

We learnt about the volunteer dog walkers and how they aim to get each dog outside 4 times a day, which was very impressive due to the amount of dogs they have at the centre.

Secondly we visited the cattery section. I was equally surprised by the amount of both cats and kittens there. We were allowed to handle some of the kittens which was adorable. Those that didn’t want to hold any of the kittens had the chance to watch the vets come around and do check ups on the cats which was very similar to if you took your own cat to the vet, with simple teeth and heart rate checks.

Throughout the centre each area is made to be a ‘home from home’ as much as possible with toys, blankets, furniture and bedding.

Lastly we had the fantastic chance to watch a dog called ‘Tiger’ run around in one of the outdoor enclosures which had been styled like a park to get the dogs used to being in a park environment.

Tiger loved chasing a ball around, but wasn’t that keen to return it. He was such a cheeky character and full of fun.

It was an interesting day, great to meet other ambassadors for #GenerationKind, and thank you to the staff at RSPCA Southridge for letting us look around.


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