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In one of my previous blogs, Watching For Wildlife, I discussed 3 very simple tips that I felt were really beneficial for becoming aware of the wildlife around you on a day to day basis.

They weren’t at all profound, they weren’t particularly difficult, and the only equipment required were a couple of field guides. I truly believe that just becoming more aware of your environment, and having a good look at it, from the highest tree tops to the darkest overgrown corners, is the best place to start to increase your chances of wildlife sightings.

That being said, there comes a time when you’ve honed your looking skills, you’ve got the field guides, you know what you want to see, and now you are ready to take your wildlife watching experiences to the next level. You might find that even though you’ve done your research, followed the clues and you’re putting yourself in the right place, at the time, and you are most certainly practicing your patience but some of those encounters are just slipping through your fingers.

There’s absolutely no shame in that, it happens to everybody who goes out looking for wildlife – I can guarantee you all those wildlife documentaries aren’t always successful in the first try. Sometimes all you need is a few pointers, or bits of equipment to point you in the right direction and swing those wild chances in your favour. Here’s a short list of tips; things that I found really useful for increasing my chances of success in the field.

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