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Badger rescue afternoon

Badger rescue afternoon

by Alex White

On Saturday Oxfordshire Badger Group held a badger rescue information afternoon for its volunteers.

The first thing we learnt was the different types of injuries that the rescuers might come across, from territorial wounds, to being hit by a car, to injuries resulting from wildlife crime, orphaned cubs and the different types of illnesses that badgers can get.

Next a few people from the group, including my mum, talked through some of the rescues they have attended to show that each one is different. The location and the time of day can make a big difference.

I’ve been out on a few rescues with my mum and sister including a couple of orphaned cubs and a badger that had been hit by a car and was left for dead in a puddle. I’ve also been lucky enough to witness a rehabilitated badger being released back in to the wild.

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