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Wildlife Wednesday

Wildlife Wednesday 04/12/2019

A hide near Avebury

by Peter Hanscomb

Another Wednesday out of the office and today , it’s been a little bit of a mystery tour. Instructions from my wingman for the day , Graham Stewart as follows. Meet me at 7.30 in the farm yard , at a secret location near Avebury . Park the car and get ready for a lift.

The lift arrives and myself and Graham are transported down a rough track for a couple of miles to a small purpose built bird hide. Now we are left with strick instructions from our mystery guide , that’s call him Dave, not to leave the hide until he returns , which he assures us will be by 3.30 pm.

So in zero degree temperatures, we have food and drinks ( plus camera bag of course) and thankfully it’s not any old hide. Small in stature but insulated , with heating, a toilet and a kettle.

And the view was pretty spectacular as well. Happy Wednesday everyone.



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