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by Peter Hanscomb

I don’t like rain, it’s normally wet , comes with clouds and spoils my enjoyment of a day out with my camera. Yep a fair weather kind of wildlife photographer , that’s me.

Now I should explain, yes rain makes for dramatic shots. With a little planning and very little cost you can make your equipment waterproof ( at the very least showerproof , try a small roll of food clingfilm, cheap and a universal fit guaranteed ) but it still ruins my day when it rains.

This weekend it has rained a lot , forcing me to abandon my planned photographic trip. So instead , a little house keeping on the blog. Plus a lot of sport on the television to watch, England loosing the Rugby World Cup, Lewis Hamilton Winner the F1 world Championship and quite a few football games, that’s soccer for anyone not from the U.K.

During a break from this feast of sport , a little bit of time was spent surfing the interweb. And there you go , every rainy day has a silver lining……

The Wiltshire Wildlife Trust are looking for volunteers to carry out a tree survey. Boom,  position applied for, now I just have to wait and see if I’m successful. Just hope it doesn’t rain in the Woods ?


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