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GG , Commitment

by Anne Hanscomb


If you follow this blog you know I have only guest blogged once, but I feel very humbled today and felt I needed to write this.

Our captured fox GG is being looked after at a local small rescue centre called Oak & Furrows.

On the day we managed to have him stuck in the garden and needed help to catch him , I phoned them for assistance but they were unable to help so we got the RSPCA to assist. I must admit I was a little grumpy when the local rescue centre couldn’t help but maybe just maybe I now understand.

The centre Oak & Furrows has just a handful of staff and the invaluable help from volunteers but with only limited resources and training they felt the most appropriate person to help catch GG was a trained RSPCA Officer. Having later seen first hand how challenging that was I tend to agree.

Today I went to visit GG to take him jam donuts along with some other nice treats ( eggs & ham ). I guess if he survives his treatment we would love him to get released back in our garden to be close to his sister and I would like him to associate me with treats not his capture !

The staff have been so friendly with updates , that I felt they also needed a treat so took along some cupcakes for them. Not having a clue how many, I took 12 and was shocked to find out that basically there were 2 staff and 2 volunteers on site caring for numerous animals.

Despite how busy they were , they kindly took me to see GG to give him a jam donut and discussed his treatment. Sorry I didn’t take a photo as I didn’t want the flash in his dark pen to frighten him. So the treatment….. I will admit to not having a clue about mange treatment so this was a lesson for me .

Each course of treatment lasts three weeks so his second course will start in 2 weeks and he will probably require a third course. There is a possibility that after the second course if he’s not showing sufficient improvement that they could use additional treatment by injection. So this could be a long process for GG to get fixed.

But the visit today actually got me thinking about the vocation and commitment from the handful of amazing staff and volunteers at Oak & Furrows . I feel a connection to GG , after all he has been visiting every night for months with daytime sleepovers and we have spent a month trying to catch him but these people must make enviable bonds every day with the wild animals who trust them.

The staff member today climbed into GG pen and lifted his bed to give him his donut . She was telling me how lovely he is and how everyone already has a soft spot for him .Would I be as trusting with a wild fox ? I was driving home thinking I should offer to volunteer and help them after all if there were not there, GG would have been taken to somewhere over 100 miles away but I don’t think I would be trusting enough to pick up a wild animal that’s frightened.

That’s the battle – we fostered two baby hedgehogs last year and I didn’t like picking them up to clean the cages. I don’t think despite my undoubted love of wildlife, I could do what these committed carers in a wildlife rescue centre do all day and every day.

They are amazing and I am so grateful for what they are doing for GG and all the other animals in their care. It’s made me appreciate that despite being a small rescue centre and not having the massive brand new buildings and funds available to some rescue centres, the love and care is in abundance from the loyal staff.

Decision made, I may not be able to volunteer but I will give a monthly donation ( plus cakes for the staff every time I take treats for GG)


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  1. My heart fills with hope at the thought of wonderful people like you and that staff who go the extreme mile for all the wounded creatures who need help. There’s so much negativity in the world these days it’s lovely to see the good now and then.


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