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Jeni Bell’s Seeking wild sights

The continued adventures Of Jeni , Bill and Millie……..

If the Ardnamurchan peninsula is the real wild west, then I don’t know what that makes the Morvern Peninsula. To me it is even wilder, it feels less built up with less shops and less hotels and a lot more space in between the ones that are there. It’s magic. Most of my working days are spent staring across the rippling waters of Loch Sunart into the thickly forested hillsides of Morvern (I do my work as well mind, but I can’t help it if the computer is right next to the window!) hoping to catch a glimpse of deer silhouetted on the skyline or sea eagles skimming just below the low-lying cloud that shrouds the greenery. To look across and watch the evening sunlight catch the leafy green of the trees, especially when the rest of the sky is inky black and threatening rain is awe-inspiring, the landscape just seems radiant and all its wild qualities are illuminated in that one broken ray of sun.
The unexpectedly hot spells of long summer sunshine have officially broken on the west coast and we are back to the slightly more characteristic mizzle, drizzle and mist of a typical Scottish summer. So, on our recent days off we found ourselves reaching for walking boots and waterproofs over flip flops and sunscreen, as we headed to the other peninsula. Heading over the high passes unfortunately we weren’t greeted by jaw dropping views into the glens and rivers below, nope, our view was roughly a couple of metres in front of us, catching the tail end views of stonechats flitting out of our way and back into the atmospheric Scottish mists. My hopes of a dry, view rich walk were apparently dashed.
Find out more about our trip to the other peninsula here:


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