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One – Conclusion



For the  short amount of time out on location, I’ve learnt a lot more than I had originally thought I would. Five visits to the location in total, still certainly an investment in time and a few new bits and bobs purchased ( new camouflage jacket and hat @ £23.00 in total ). Honestly, after seeing the Fox twice , both out of view of the camera lens I began to doubt I would get the shot in my timeframe, but eventually all the preparation and patience paid off. So here’s my lessons learnt list.

Preparation.  I chose the location based on previous knowledge of the area having seen Fox here before, I selected a spot on the edge of the woods , next to an open field and settled down , waiting and waiting.

Patience.  As above five visits to the same spot , all in the early evening . Crouching down in the grass and keeping still and quiet. One lesson learnt here is my body isn’t getting any younger. The knees in particular suffered for the cause!

Adapting. I used one lens and body , but changed the support for the camera from a tripod to a monopod , using this last combination to get the shot. I also changed mid way through to a camouflage jacket and hat , helping me to blend in better with the hedgerow behind me. In fact the Fox had no idea I was filming him until he was less than 3 metres away from my hiding spot.

Luck. Did I mention luck , it’s amazing how much luckier you become with when you get the first three right , but you still need a slice of good fortune occasionally. Luckily I’m blessed with more than my fair share …..

So with all the hype and rubbish being written on line about “canned wildlife photography ” my conclusion is that with time , patience and preparation any one can bag a shot of a wild animal. Certainly the buzz and adrenaline rush getting the One shot in the wild beats any feeling   I have experienced when shooting animals in a controlled environment, but both have their place in wildlife photography and a great picture is still a great picture regardless of the source. In any case if like me you have a full time job and family commitments, it’s not always easy to devote day after day chasing that one image ………. or is it ?

Thank you for reading.




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