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Ok , Africa has the ” Big Five ” , the Amazon is literately teeming with life , North America with it’s bears , wolves and alligators. Travel to Asia for it’s tigers and giant panda’s and then carry on to Australia to find big salt water crocodiles , kangaroos  and koala bears. Despite man’s efforts the world is still a wonderful planet full of wildlife . From the largest mammals to the smallest insect , on land , in the air or deep in the ocean, as wildlife photographers we really are spoilt for choice.

IMG_1844The small group of island on the edge of the European mainland that make up the British Isles at around 300,000 km2 ( 30 times smaller than the USA ) has long lost it’s large predator mammals.
But if you scratch the surface so to speak, you’ll find a group of islands and coastal waters full of amazing wildlife. Mountains, forests , marsh and grasslands. Stunning coastlines of sand dunes , beaches and soaring cliffs. lakes , rivers and coastal waters , this diverse landscape is home to an amazing number of wild species.


IMG_2325Here at wildonline we are completely dedicated to the wildlife of the British isles. Have a look at our garden bird quick guide or for more detailed information visit meet the model . Both lists and continually expanding. If you fancy getting involved , writing a feature, have a wildlife photo you want to share or want to write a future meet the model please get in contact.

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