Magic roundabout

The quickest way to clean our hedgehogs cages in the morning is to do both at the same time , so it's off to the play pen ( cardboard box ) for both Grumpy and Happy. Mr Happy likes nothing more than lazing around in a food mixer bowl , waiting for his bed to [...]

My Kit Bag

My Kit Bag by Peter Hanscomb Cameras Right from the start of my photographic journey my camera of choice has been Canon. At that time and within my budget the best reviews where for Canon's 550d camera . My first taste of a dslr and to be honest I was hooked right from the start. [...]

Spikes Hog Cam – Bad Day at the Office

Hog Watch , proudly sponsored by Spikes Hedgehog Food We have had a busy day with the hedgehogs, well really only one ! mr Grumpy. We woke up to a cage full of blood splatters and a very active Grumpy . A trip to the vet at Oak And Farrow rescue centre confirmed two little [...]

Garden Birds – Who’s the winners and who’s the losers

For 40 years amateur birdwatchers have charted the dramatic changes in the Big Garden Birdwatch, run by conservation charity the RSPB. The wildlife survey, which began in 1979, has charted how birds such as the song thrush and greenfinch have been overtaken by the woodpigeon and long-tailed tit. As it returns this weekend, the RSPB [...]