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Operation Nasher

One of the ”six”

One of the benefits with now having a permanent base is that we now have the ability to give back and support the local wildlife. So far at the meadow this has included careful planting , the addition of a water source and simple sympathetic management of the meadow itself. No big changes after all this is our first year and we are still learning.

As wildlife photographers and budding naturalists we have always held the welfare of our subject matter and our number one priority. We’re very protective of our small meadow. But we realised early on that we can use the space to further nature conservation.

So it’s now time to break radio silence on our biggest project so far , ”operation nasher”.

We have been working with the RSPCA Oak and Furrows rescue centre to soft release six Red Foxes. All of the foxes were orphaned this year and have been hand raised at the rescue centre. Three weeks ago a temporary holding pen was erected at the meadow as a half way house . The six foxes arrived a couple of days later and spent a week in our care , enjoying a mini week long all inclusive holiday at Wild HQ.

Last weekend the gate was left open and our visitors experienced their first taste of freedom. We are still providing support with feed and water , and at least two of the foxes are still staying local and returning every night to the release site. The logistics has been epic, with the materials for the pen , water , food and the foxes all having to be carried in on foot whilst trying to maintain secrecy. The wild team then took on the task of visiting the site twice a day to provide food and water for our furry guests.

Foxes are not everyone’s cup of tea and especially in open farming land but thanks to the volunteers from the RSPCA , and the dedicated Wild HQ team ( Anne , Graham and Louise ) operation nasher has been a real success. Six young foxes who lost their mothers due to human activities now have a real chance of survival. And this is hopefully just the start of our journey in partnership with Oak and Furrows.

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