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Wise words of wisdom for both young and old .

Be a Naturalist 

Be a Naturalist. Learn about the natural histories of the birds and animals you want to photograph. Study field guides, read essays and review research on your wildlife subjects. The more you know about them, the easier it is to identify them correctly, understand their habits and habitats, and anticipate their behaviors. And learn from your own observations. Your experiences in nature can be just as enlightening as what you read. Be a better naturalist and you’ll be a better nature photographer.

Cliff Zenor @ 

Get down low

Whatever you are photographing big or small, get down or slightly below its eye level, ALWAYS better than looking down on your subject. Bonus is that background is also more out of focus

Eddy Lane  @


Check and double check what’s in the background. that perfectly exposed and focused image will be ruined if you have a car or person in the background
of the shot. We live in a digital age so if it’s possible i always take a few test shots to check the background image and then adjust my position if needed

Peter Hanscomb @ wildonline,blog

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