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IMG_4571Welcome to our new page dedicated to perhaps one of Britain’s favourite mammals, the Hedgehog. Much loved and sadly now in decline and endanger these little mammals known as the gardeners friend used to be common place all over the UK.


Spikes Hog Cam Blogs

0I1A6469NEW Mirror Mirror

Typical , wait all day for a bird to arrive at the Mirror pool , only to have a hedgehog steal the limelight…..


IMG_4692Bad day at the office

Lots of blood , and a few tears , but no sweat , Mr G is now on light duties…..


IMG_2940Grumpy goes mad

As Mike Reed used to say , Run around now !



IMG_2939The great escape




IMG_2938The inmates 




IMG_4695The good the bad and the Grumpy




IMG_469424 hours in hog land




0I1A6282Who’s in the box



IMG_2938who’s in the box 2



For older Hog Cam Blogs use the Archive section.

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