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Bob’s Blog – Rinse and Repeat

Rinse and Repeat by Bob Brind-Surch, professional photographer and naturalist . I was one of those youngsters who read every label on every bottle and packet. One day I […]

A Rubbish Blog

Is this a rubbish blog ? words by Peter Hanscomb Before i start , the title of this blog doesn’t refer to the quality ( or lack of quality ) […]


Now GG is no longer with us , it’s about time his sister had a name . So after much deliberation I would like to introduce……… Flossy the Fox 

Wistman’s Wood

Wistman’s Wood by Alex White Wistman’s wood lies on Dartmoor near Two Bridges, Princetown, Devon. It’s known for being one of the only three remote high-altitude oak woods on Dartmoor. […]

One eye on the Hog

We have a new fox on the patch , and already he looks like trouble. No problem sharing the garden with our resident hedgehog , but this new comer has […]

The 4 R’s

The four R’s by Peter Hanscomb An article on the interweb caught my eye today , The Coalition, an environmental awareness site with   Firm focus on reducing our reliance […]

Naming Rights

Naming Rights  by Peter Hanscomb Now GG is no longer with us , the only one of our visiting foxes that will tolerate my presence is his sister , who […]

Winters coming

Winters coming , is it just me or have the nights drawn in ? This video clip was recorded tonight at 8.20 pm with our back garden already dark , […]

Bob’s Blog – Lessons from a Robin

by Bob Brind-Surch, professional photographer and naturalist . There is one question I receive more than any other either from people at camera club talks or booking on one […]


Twitter Anyone reading this blog will probably already know I’m probably the most technically challenged blogger in the world , so the following announcement might come as a shock but […]