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Project Splatter

Project Splatter by Peter Hanscomb With the introduction of the new small mammals warning sign by the department of transport , road kill is back on the agenda. Project Splatter […]

Hug a tree….

Hug a tree , or even better plant two or three. by Peter Hanscomb It’s no secret that trees have a positive effect on our planet. Deforestation has had a […]

Image rights violated

Image rights violated  by Peter Hanscomb So the hedgehog food thief, aka foxy doesn’t like the new and improved fox proof Hedgehog feeding station . Also seems he doesn’t like […]

Countryfile Calendar 2020

The competition is now open to submit your photo , for a chance to be in the  BBC Countryfile Calendar for 2020. More details at    

Harmful wild animals

Harmful wild animals – or poor bio-security ? By Peter Hanscomb Recently an interesting article appeared on the BBC news web site . Local farmer complains of dangers of wild […]

Wildlife Photography- Top Tips

Wildlufe Photography Top Tips by Peter Hanscomb First an apology, if your expecting a list of inspirational tips to improve your wildlife photography from yours truly, you might be disappointed. […]