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Rain by Peter Hanscomb I don’t like rain, it’s normally wet , comes with clouds and spoils my enjoyment of a day out with my camera. Yep a fair weather […]

Autumn Thrushes

Autumn Thrushes by Alex White While stood at the window watching the Great tits and Sparrows squabbling over the bird feeders and the Jackdaws swinging acrobatically upside down trying to […]

The Hedgehog

The Hedgehog words and pictures by Peter Hanscomb The European hedgehog , Erinaceus europaeus is not only one of Britain’s favourite small mammals , it’s also one of the oldest […]

Roost at Sunset

Roost at Sunset by Alex White As the sun sets the air is filled by the chattering and calling of the incoming Rooks. Their roost is opposite my house and […]

The Fox

The Fox words and pictures by Peter Hanscomb The Red Fox , Britains only remaining wild canine . Probably no other wild animal devides public opinion in the U.K. quite […]

Kit Bag – Takeway Clampod T1

Like most photographers i’m guilty of buying al-sorts of camera gizmo’s , many of which end up in one of my storage boxes gathering dust. The Takeway Clampod T1 definitely […]