The Urban Fox


Fox Cam started as part of my Garden Challange for 2018. In simple terms I wanted to see just how many different species I could attract and photograph/ film in my suburban garden. I started using an old stills only Bushnell trail camera , a few tasty treats to entice the local fox population to come and say hi and with my fingers crossed waited to see what the camera would capture. On the very first night , bingo as we say in the UK , foxes everywhere and since then we have had visitors every night. In late March we upgraded both the trail camera and the blog to allow video clips and the rest as they say is history.




Via Fox Cam we are now just starting to build a better picture of the local urban fox population. Individual foxes are settling into distinct patterns of behaviour and come at regular times during the night. We have named a few visitors, Peanuts a vixen, makes straight for the nuts , Timid Tim , aka the egg thief, very nervous and still unsure, Limpy and Scraggy , both with their own challenges to cope with. Our aim is to study our furry visitors , set them new tasks a tests and see just how cunning the Urban fox can be.




We will be posting regular updates on the blog during the rest of the year , if you want to see the archive , click on the Fox Cam tab in the main menu.