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img_2836Welcome to my page of nonsensical rambling , more commonly referred to by most  people as  Blogs . From a very technically challenged wildlife photographer and naturalist,  Me ! View my profile 

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IMG_4694NEW   Please Release me , let me go….

It’s time for Grumpy and Happy to go back to the wild . Take a look at their first time outdoors.


IMG_2935 Canned wildlife photography 

So what defines a wildlife photographer ? Is it the camera, lens, or  the attitude and empathy of the person holding the camera?



IMG_2926Ethics , Where’s the line ?

where do we draw the line with wildlife photography?




Sometimes it’s good to know a little about your subject ?



IMG_2937The wheels on the buss 

If at first you don’t succeed, why keep trying the same old thing ?


IMG_2926Wild wife

1,000,000 , 127 , 250 . Random numbers or something a little deeper ?



IMG_2926Why Photo Bomb



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