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The Meadow

The Meadow is a small 1.6 acre triangular shaped grass meadow , just north of Marlborough in the glorious Wiltshire countryside. It has its own boarder of mature trees and bushes and is completely surrounded by working farmland. Access is by foot only , the nearest parking spot being around 800 metres ( 900 yards) away.

We here at Wild , consider ourselves both custodians and protectors of the meadow which has a rich and diverse number of both flora and fauna that call the meadow home , or use the meadow as a refuge. We became custodians of the meadow on the 1st of January 2021. Shortly after in March we erected the Hide , built a small pond and started phase one of planting new saplings along the existing tree line.

The meadow itself is approximately 60% grass , 20% wildflower , 10% nettles and 10% trees and shrubs, which provides home food and shelter for an astonishing number of animal species , some of which are detailed below.

Our aim is simple , we are not here to make the meadow look beautiful, instead we will protect a wonderful ecosystem, repair the damaged hedgerow and boarders with tree species already present on the site and protect this wonderful wildlife resource.


The Hide , May 2023

The Hide at the Meadow is a purpose built all weather two person hide , fully equipped for a comfortable days wildlife photography. Built in our own workshop , the Hide was then stripped down into manageable sections and transported the ten miles to the meadow and then reassembled on a made to measure base. The Whole project was completed in March 2021 and is now our permanent base of operations.

The Hide measures 2.1 metres x 1.9 metres ( 7ft x 6ft approximately ) and is fully insulated. It has two leather swivel arm chairs , a propane gas cooker / heater , LED lights and solar charging station , plus plenty of storage room.

Five opening windows offer a 180 degree view of the meadow , including the pool and small woodland. Thanks to the insulated walls and roof , travel blankets and heater , the hide is both usable and comfortable all year.

Here’s a slideshow showing the construction of the Meadow Hide


Hundreds of species call the meadow home , from mammals like the Fox , Rabbit , Grey Squirrel and Hares, birds like the Robin , Blue Tit and Dunnock to the smallest Invertebrate which include Beetles , Spiders and Butterflies. We really are only just starting to discover and learn about all our local residents ! Here are just a few of the species , so just click on the name to discover a little bit more.

Last updated 27-4-2023

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