Jeni Bell’s Wild Britain

I think most of us have all at one point or another dreamed of giving up the day job , packing up our belongings and then tour the UK photographing wildlife. For most of us it’s just that a pipe dream , but for a few the dream comes true. Here’s how one women , Jeni followed her dream , in her own words……..

The U.K might not be the first place you think of when someone mentions wildness but for me, Jeni Bell, it holds so much for potential. Ever since I was a teenager I have dreamed of travelling the country seeking out wild places and wild creatures. From sea eagles in Scotland, basking sharks in Cornwall, to the remains of the great Caledonian pine forests in the Caingorms, I wanted to see it all. So, I was really lucky when I met my other half Bill who shared all the same travel dreams as I did – and he had a campervan.

One morning over a well-known supermarket breakfast we decided to turn dreams into reality; we were going to travel. Full time (well, 6months). Both of us wanted to wake up in new remote locations each day surrounded by wildlife not people, there is so much wildness and beauty here on the British Isles it would be a shame not to make the most of it.

Luckily, we had already tackled the biggest part of the plan – the campervan. Bill is super talented in this department and we already had a nearly completed Iveco Daily conversion raring to go. The hardest (and scariest) part was the fact we would have to give up our jobs, living with no regular income would be a challenge so we needed to get good at saving and budgeting fast. The next year was spent planning and saving, whilst trying to condense all of our belongings so that they fitted neatly into our new roaming home. The aim was to be on the road by December 2017.

By December 26th all the keys were handed in, pennies were saved, and routes were planned. Our life was ready to move in a new direction – north! Myself, Bill and not forgetting our more than neurotic Jack Russell, Millie had done it, we had given up work and a home to live in a van. We were on the road in search of wild sights, and we still are now…

6 months just wasn’t enough time for us, there is still so much to see and each day we find something else to add to our ever-expanding list. Head over to to learn more about our wild encounters and find out how we managed to stay on the road for longer than planned.

We will be catching up with Jeni, Bill and Millie as they travel around the uk.

Jeni Bell’s Wild Britain – Wild Rocks

Jeni Bell’s Wild Britain – The Other Peninsula

Jeni Bell’s Wild Britain – Magical Mull

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Jeni Bell’s Wild Britain- The Wild South West

Jeni Bell’s Wild Britain – Watching for Wildlife

Jeni Bell’s Wild Britain – Beautiful Blashford

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