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Appleton Wildlife Diary

by Alex White

IMG_3004Wildonline are proud to introduce our new guest blogger Alex White from Appleton Wildlife Diary.
Alex is an award winning blogger, photographer, film maker and author based in Oxfordshire.

A BBC Local Patch Reporter , Alex has been IMG_4838blogging since 2013. Alex is a member of A focus on Nature , the network for young nature conservationists and is also a member of the Oxford Mammal Group , the Oxford Badger Group and the Badger Trust. For more information about Alex and his work , and the full archive of Appleton Wildlife Diary please follow the link below.


Autumn Thrushes    Autumn Colours

Get your boots on

Wildflower meadow

Letters  from young nautralists

Say no to the mow

Swallows are back

Wildflower Meadow

What is Wildlife blogging ?

Finding time for wildlife


Climate Strike March 19

© Alex White / Appleton Wildlife Diary 2019

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