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One eye on the Hog

We have a new fox on the patch , and already he looks like trouble. No problem sharing the garden with our resident hedgehog , but this new comer has […]

The 4 R’s

The four R’s by Peter Hanscomb An article on the interweb caught my eye today , The Coalition, an environmental awareness site with   Firm focus on reducing our reliance […]

Naming Rights

Naming Rights  by Peter Hanscomb Now GG is no longer with us , the only one of our visiting foxes that will tolerate my presence is his sister , who […]

Winters coming

Winters coming , is it just me or have the nights drawn in ? This video clip was recorded tonight at 8.20 pm with our back garden already dark , […]

Bob’s Blog – Lessons from a Robin

by Bob Brind-Surch, professional photographer and naturalist . There is one question I receive more than any other either from people at camera club talks or booking on one […]


Twitter Anyone reading this blog will probably already know I’m probably the most technically challenged blogger in the world , so the following announcement might come as a shock but […]

It’s just a fox

It’s just a fox. Peter Hanscomb It’s just a fox , and a mange ridden one at that , words of comfort I think from one of my friends. And […]


Despite our best efforts , GG lost his battle with mange and passed away last night. There was always a chance the treatment might be to much for him or […]