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MTM The Weasel , Mustela nivalis

By Graham Stewart

Weasels are part of the Mustelid family and are related to Stoats, Ferrets, Polecats and Otters all of which have long slender bodies with short legs

Weasels are the UK’s smallest carnivore, they have to consume about a third of their body weight each day and their diet consists of voles, mice, eggs, birds and small rabbits. Being so small and slender the Weasel can easily follow its prey down tunnels.

The average life span of a Weasel is around 2 years old, young females become fertile around 2-3 months old and can have up to 2 litters of 3-6 Kits per year depending upon the abundance of food. They are generally solitary creatures and will only get to gather to mate.

Weasels can be found throughout mainland UK at any time of the year as they do not hibernate and numbers are estimated at 450,000

Predators: Foxes and birds of prey

Life Span: Avg 2years
Body Length: 17-24cm
Tail: 3-5 cm
Weight 50 -150g (females are lightest)


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