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Return of the Hog

On the 17th January we noticed one of our resident hedgehogs limping on a camera. It was obviously causing her problems walking and she must of been suffering some pain , so we took the decision to trap her. Luckily for us she promptly hobbled into one of the feeder box’s , so job done.

We drove her to our local RSPCA rescue centre where it was confirmed she had indeed broken her back leg. Nearly four months later , after an operation and a course of hydrotherapy she’s now back and full of life.

The hedgehog is one of oldest mammals here in the U.K. and it’s survival in the wild really has been impacted by human activity. All wildlife really needs is a chance , space and time and it will look after itself , just sometimes like our little hog it just needs a little extra help. A big thank you to all the staff and volunteers at Oak & Furrows for all their help.

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