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Welcome to May , spring is definitely now in full flow and it’s only 30 odd days to the start of summer ( Meteorological summer ) here in the U.K. The meadow is now full of life with new growth, plants , grass and flowers shooting up everywhere. Our newly planted tree saplings are slowly disappearing for the summer, becoming engulfed by the surrounding vegetation. 

We should begin to see emerging new life around the pool as well, with most of our feathered residents having been busy building nests. There’s also signs that the fox Denis once again occupied. Hopefully we will have a few cubs to watch !

Speaking of all things new , we continue to expand our Meet theModel feature , with  a couple of new entries, the Weasel and the Orange tip Butterfly with more in the pipeline.

And if you haven’t read our exclusive interview with Gordon Buchanan MBE , have a look , it’s well worth the read.


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