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The Hide , Tuesday 18th April 2023

What a week , seven days that seems like I’ve been in a whirlwind. It all started last Tuesday when myself and Graham went to the local theatre to watch Wildlife cameraman and presenter Gordon Buchanan on his 30 Years in The Wild tour. Basically it was Gordon with a PowerPoint presentation on stage , but totally captivating. After the show we briefly meet Gordon in the theatre foyer, and rather cheekily I asked if Gordon would like to write a guest blog for Wildonline.

Gordon politely declined , after all he is on tour , but the story doesn’t stop there. The next day I received an email from his management company, Gordon had agreed to talk via zoom , so last Saturday myself and Gordon had a chat via zoom . The result , a conversation with Gordon Buchanan.

Surprisingly I have also found time to relax at the meadow hide , here’s a few images……

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  1. Great shots, I particularly love the ones of the squirrel (they are great little characters to watch & photograph) and the Robin.

    That must have been an interesting experience to chat with/interview Gordon Buchanan.

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