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It’s April already , it only seems like a week or so ago I had all my winter clothing on at the Meadow Hide  (probably because it was only a week ago ! ) but spring is definitely on the way and there is new life every where . The trees and bushes are now in full Bud and are starting to burst into life , and we already have a large number of invertebrates appearing. 

Most noticeable are the butterflies filling the meadow air. To me it seems a little early in the year, I can’t remember seeing butterflies before Easter last year , especially in these large numbers. Maybe it’s a sign of global warming !

This April you will notice a few more “new” meets the model blogs , with editions on the Spotted Flycatcher , Snowy Owl ( yes we have breeding pairs here in the U.K. ) The Linnet and a first for the blog , meet the model expands into invertebrates with the St Mark’s fly and the Spotted Wood butterfly. 

We intend to spend a lot more time and energy getting to know our smaller visitors to the meadow this year. 


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