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The Hide , Thursday 30th March 2023

Another full day here at the Meadow Hide and just for a change , it’s raining. In the U.K. we sometimes call heavy rain “ cats and dogs “ I have no idea why but that’s the weather for today , it’s raining cats and dogs and it has been like that all day. One bonus , or maybe two is that for once it’s fairly warm and I’m in a rain proof hide.

But the weather does effect wildlife watching . Some how all the birds seem a little reluctant to show themselves , especially the pair of Great Spotted Woodpeckers. Fleeting glimpses through the trees of the pair is all I have to show for nearly eight hours watching. They have left their mark however. The new feeding post with four holes in now has five holes courtesy of my woody friends. And the new bird box installed behind the hide now has a second entrance again courtesy of the woodpeckers. Obviously my DIY skills aren’t up to scratch !

Speaking of brief glimpses , the Jackdaws are back , again no decent pictures but for the second day in a row there has been a pair hanging around in the trees behind the pool. Still very skittish, the slightest movement from the camera is enough to spook the birds but hopefully a they will become a new feature of the photography here at the hide. Anyway enough for today , time to make the most of a brief break in the weather and dash back to the car .

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