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The Hide , Friday 17th March 2023

Another early start today trying to dodge the last of the winter rain showers. The inclement weather had little effect on the local feathered population, who were all present in good numbers. One bird who stood out from the crowd was a male Chaffinch, posing for his photograph in all his glory with his legs covered in scaled growths. It’s quite a common problem with Chaffinches and is caused by a mite infection. Whilst it looks unpleasant in the short term it causes the bird no harm. As well as this blog I also post pictures on Flickr and this particular image has triggered a few responses. Now I know it’s not pretty , but it is nature.

My favourite photo of the day , well that’s a series of snaps taken of a soaking wet Wren having a good old clean up after a long soak in the pool.

Here’s a few more images…..

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