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Mouldon Hill , Thursday 16th March 2023

There is nothing like exploring your local patch , looking for wildlife and I count myself very lucky to have Mouldon Hill country park right on my doorstep. And even on a drab overcast winters day it’s amazing just how much wildlife there is to see. And it makes for a pleasant change to sit a while next to a beautiful lake soaking in nature.

Todays another chance to experiment with my new RF 100-400 lens . The lake once again was full of Black-headed Gulls , Mallards , Coots and Moorhens. The fish stock must be healthy , for the time being anyway because I also counted four Cormorants, one on a post and three in a tree.

The Swans are back , nesting in the same spot on one of the islands so we can look forward to signets later in the year. I also spotted a female Mallard again on the nest incubating an egg that was clearly on view. Unfortunately a short time later she was disturbed by a dog leaving the egg unprotected. Here are a few more images….

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