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The Hide , Monday 6th March 2023

Spring is nearly here , yippee , so it’s appropriate to give the hide a little tidy up . One task that was never finished during the initial build ( actually it was never started ) was to display a few photographs inside the hide , mug shots of our regular visitors. So with a little trepidation I fired up my trusty old canon printer , fiddled with the Wi-Fi connection for a while , and then reordered online a whole new set of printer cartridges. Job done , or maybe not. The printer didn’t recognise the old photo paper so back online again to order new paper and hey presto , a plethora of images appeared.

A few of the new images at the Meadow Hide

With the new pictures suitable fixed in place it’s time to get down to some photography and a second outing for the new RF 100-400 lens. Fair to say I’m still getting use to having zoom capabilities in the hide but based on the images I think it may well prove to be a valuable addition to my kit bag. Here are a few images….

All the above images were taken using the new 100-400 mm lens.

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