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The Hide , Friday 24th February

Today has been one of those damp cold days here at the hide , the sort of weather that makes you want to stay home and have a duvet day. It has been raining on and off all day with a blustery wind , not a great day for wildlife photography and with a limited subject matter as well.

There has been very brief appearances from a few of our less frequent visitors with a fly past by the Great Spotted Woodpecker , Goldfinch , Bullfinch and Goldcrest. A single Reeves Muntjac bundled past the hide in a flash and in the distant a very brief sighting of an early March Hare. So here is something a little different. A short film of a European Robin having a scrub up in the paddling pool….

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Garden Wildlife , waiting your turn It’s been a long time since my last garden wildlife post . There is still a lot of activity , mainly at night time with Foxes and Hedgehogs coming and going. We have a couple of resident Hedgehogs and here’s a short clip of the pair waiting in turn…


The Hide , Wednesday 22nd March 2023 Wild Boar , no not at the hide but whilst filling the feeder at the meadow hide I was reminded of a funny quote by Sir David Attenborough on Sundays episode of Wild Isles. There was a sequence in the programme showing how Wild Boar and Robins inadvertently…

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