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The Hide , Friday 10th February 

Another bumper day of wildlife watching and taking the occasional photo here in North Wiltshire. Thankfully it’s a slightly warmer day , almost pleasant compared to Monday and a welcome change. And it’s not just the weather that’s hotting up. 

The residents here at the meadow are starting to get a little hot and bothered. What seems an ever increasing number of Blackbirds are actively resource guarding the water at the pool, chasing away any bird that enters the area around the water. The female’s are definitely more feisty whilst the male birds seem to be content with just feasting on the nuts and seeds.

The Robins are also starting to show territorial mannerisms constantly chasing each other around. It’s more typical of the species to defend their space. One of the  more entertaining views today was a mother and her young kit. The mother was busy eating vegetation just behind the pool whilst her kit busied itself playing a great game chasing the Male Blackbirds back and forth.

Here are a few more images…..

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