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The Hide , Saturday 7th January 2023

Will it ever stop raining ? It has been wet and windy here in North Wiltshire for what seems like an eternity, definitely not great wildlife watching weather. But you can’t hide forever so it’s off to the hide , fully wrapped up against the elements . And as luck would have it , the heavens stopped just long enough for me to walk from the car to the hide. Less than a minute later, the rain started again.

As for the wildlife , I think they were definitely on the same wavelength as myself. A very slow day with only a few brave ( or foolish ) creatures emerging from the undergrowth. 

The Grey Squirrels, brave little chaps were out in good numbers, no doubt encouraged by the freshly restocked nut feeder. All the usual small birds made an appearance, Robins , Blue tits , Great tits , Wren , Chaffinch and Blackbird. Add in a couple of Pheasants and a few Rabbits and I suppose it wasn’t a bad day in the end. 

However , there was no dodging the relentless rain on the way back to the car. 

Don’t forget , for those of you in the U.K. , the Big Garden Bird Watch 2023 happens towards the end of this month !

Anyway here are a few images from the hide…….

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