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For the tenth night in a row , someone in our neighbourhood had a firework party. Now I’m not anti fireworks but isn’t it time to restrict the sale and use of fireworks for domestic use and instead only allow public displays on certain days ?

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  1. I totally agree and every time I see a petition to ban fireworks for sale to the public domestic use and only make them available for public events, I sign. But the government are doing bugger all.

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  2. Really? You are allowed to burn fireworks all year round? In Denmark one can only do it on New Year’s Eve. People used to start a bit earlier though, so now they are only allowed to sell it on 31.12. in the morning.

    Germany has similar rules.

    On 1 January, the youngsters will walk through the streets trying to find fireworks that didn’t go off and make them explode. That is not entirely without danger.

    All in all it is a terrible air pollution.

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    • Here in the U.K. we have Bonfire night on the 5th November . Fire works are for sale in most supermarkets and even small convenience stores from around the middle of October. We have no laws to prevent their use so it’s normal to have fireworks most nights in November and December.

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  3. I’m definitely anti-firework. Here in the US, there are patchwork rules regarding which states do and do not permit the sale and use of fireworks; but, like so much else, law enforcement is inconsistent, at best. In my state, the sale and use is restricted, yet every July 4 and Labor Day (Sept), fireworks are prevalent. I think the reasons they bother me so much is that I feel for the animals — pets and wild — who don’t understand the noise and disruption, and the fact that the average home owner doesn’t pick up the resulting spread of debris. Maybe if the laws made sense and were respected, fireworks displays would be more enjoyable for all, rather than some.


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