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Seven steps to save nature by 2030

From the RSPB

At the global biodiversity conference, COP15, we’ll have a chance to put together a framework for nature’s recovery worldwide. But we know it’s not always that simple. The UK Government had positioned itself as a global leader on nature over recent years but is now carrying out an Attack on Nature at home – undermining our international credibility and risking wildlife around the world and across the whole of the UK. Now, a global deal to save the planet will be even harder to achieve, and we are urgently calling on the UK Government to reconsider these threats.

Beyond this, there are major opportunities but also a huge amount of work needed in all four countries of the UK to protect and restore nature. 
So, with the conference fast approaching, we’ve created a report called “A World Richer in Nature” to show the UK Government and devolved administrations how to turn this situation around, step up and deliver a decade of action for nature. Let’s dive in……..

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  1. I completely agree but as long as huge amounts of money are invested in buying things like Twitter or sending rockets to mars to in the hope for survival for the rich, our own nature and climate protection shall always short in money.
    By the way, these exemples are far from the only ones !!
    This doesn’t mean that we don”t want to support… but in my eyes, a lot of money is waste to less important things, sorry for being a bit hard.
    Let’s hope all COP goals can be achieved…..
    Kind regards,


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