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Wildlife Tuesday, 1st November 2022

November already , it can’t be ?. This year is really flying by and soon thoughts will turn to the C word ( Christmas ). Today is my first proper day back in the hide since way back in early September and it’s really good to be back. The pre winter mini facelift has been finished . New extended side shelf’s fitted and a few tree stakes replaced with taller more substantial versions.

The meadow itself is very quiet. The usual suspects are here , Blue tit , Great tit , Robin and Chaffinch , plus the wren , squirrel , woodpecker and pigeon. The meadow is now in full retreat, flowers are all gone and all that’s left is the grass . So it’s now time to start planning for next year. A few more trees to plant and about 5 metres of hedgerow to replace.

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Who’s afraid of the big bad fox , certainly not this little hedgehog……


New Kids on the Block We have new residents in our garden. Today we have released three young rescued Hedgehogs on behalf of Oak and Furrows rescue charity. It’s a welcome boast to the already healthy local hedgehog community. Here is a short video showing two of the new arrivals enjoying a free meal…..


Thursday at the hide , 17 th November 2022 We have an unexpected visitor today at the paddling pool , and a new species for the Meadow Hide , a Sparrow Hawk. It appeared from nowhere and caused a mass evacuation of the usual pool gang. Here are a few more images from today…..

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