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Monday at the Hide , 22nd August 2022

Five am , a very early start to my Monday morning and a short drive to the hide for another day observing and hopefully photographing the comings and going’s at the paddling pool. Despite my early start and arriving at the hide before sunrise I’m not the first here. For the second time in a week I’m meet at the gate  to the meadow with a fleeting view of a pair of deer , dashing for cover in the next field. The feeder are also busy with Blue tits and Robins trying to finish off yesterdays feed.

The retreating meadow ( it’s now only about 450mm high / 18” ) certainly makes it easier to spot the visiting mammals. Today that includes deer , rabbit , grey squirrel and brown rats. The next door field has a couple of hares running around so it’s been a fairly good day for the mammals. 

The birds have been well represented with all the usual suspects in attendance as well as one of my favourite birds and a rare visitor to the meadow hide , a song thrush.

Here are a few more images from today……

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