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Monday at the Hide 15th August 2022

What a strange day here at the hide. It has been another hot muggy night here , so time for an early morning trip to the hide. And all is as it should be . The paddling pool is the centre of all the activity , hardly surprising given the abnormally warm weather and all the usual suspects are on parade.

I have a new battery power pack with me , so time to write a quick review ( here’s the link ) I’m just thinking it might be time for a cold beer when a weasel pops out of the hedgerow and run’s across the short grass and into the meadow , closely followed by a rabbit. The rabbit then does a u-turn and sits by the log pile to the right of the paddling pool. Would you believe, there’s another weasel in the log pile . The rabbit then chases the weasel around the logs for a good few minutes. Then they both disappear back into the hedgerow , once again the rabbit is definitely chasing the weasel. 

Really bizarre and if you didn’t know , a rabbit is normally preyed on by a weasel . I have never seen any thing like it . Unfortunately the weasel was to quick for a decent photo , this was the best I could manage.

Here are a few more images from today……

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