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Monday at the Hide , 8th August 2022

The start of another week and once again it’s a stunning summers day here in North Wiltshire. The temperature at the hide peaked at 29c .We have started the process of trimming the meadow. Because of the accessibility issues it will all have to be done by hand and it’s going to be a lot of hard work , however it’s an essential task if we are going to let nature restore the meadow to its former glory. 

Hopefully we can reduce the volume of grass and nettles that should then help the wildflowers to bloom next year. The nettles and grass are still important and many species depend on them for food and shelter so it’s a very careful balancing act and part of a five year plan to help rebalance the meadow.

With the hot weather it’s hardly surprising that the paddling pool was once again the centre of all the action. It is really important that wildlife has access to water during these hot summer days , and here at the hide that means carrying in every single litre as there isn’t any natural water for miles.

Anyway it’s all about the birds and animals , so here are a few images from Monday at the Hide…..

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