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Hot in the Meadow

At long last , freedom. I have been confined to my home recently with Covid so it’s really great to get back out and about with a camera in hand. My first visit to the hide in a couple of weeks and also the chance to deliver some much needed water. Here in the U.K. today it’s hot , really hot and all the forecasts expect today to become the hottest day ever recorded , above 40c.

There’s no natural water at the meadow , in fact the nearest water is the river Og that’s nearly a mile away. One reason the hide has proved popular is the paddling pool. A small pond we created last year. It’s not very big and during a spell of prolonged warm weather drys out very quickly.  It’s a really important resource for wildlife , particularly the local bird population, so as well as a camera bag I also refilled the pool with 50 litre’s of fresh water. No small task , it’s a 15 minute walk ! Hers a few photos from my early morning start (6 am )

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