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Wildlife Wednesday, 8th June 2022

Once again it’s off to the Meadow Hide and today I’m joined in the hide by Anne . It has been a quiet day , with the meadow now at its full height it is nearly impossible to spot any of the mammals , let alone get a decent image . They are definitely still here but are now lost in the tall , thick grasses.

The birds are still here , raiding the various feeders around the hide and visiting the paddling pool to drink and have a wash.

One noticeable visitor was a bald headed Blue Tit. It certainly stood out in the crowd. The most common cause of feather loss is probably a mite infection. Other than the loss of nearly all the feathers on the head it looked in good health and the chances are it will make a full recovery and re grow the head feathers.

Here’s a few more images…..

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New Kids on the Block We have new residents in our garden. Today we have released three young rescued Hedgehogs on behalf of Oak and Furrows rescue charity. It’s a welcome boast to the already healthy local hedgehog community. Here is a short video showing two of the new arrivals enjoying a free meal…..


Thursday at the hide , 17 th November 2022 We have an unexpected visitor today at the paddling pool , and a new species for the Meadow Hide , a Sparrow Hawk. It appeared from nowhere and caused a mass evacuation of the usual pool gang. Here are a few more images from today…..


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