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Springwatch 2022

Springwatch is returning to our screens here in the Uk , Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan will be back at Wild Ken Hill in West Norfolk, where the pair have been based for the last three series of the Watches.  “I am thrilled to be back with this year’s Springwatch team. This series is packed with exciting and heart-warming wildlife stories across the UK,” said Chris ahead of the new series. “We have recorded some amazing stories and watched dramas unfold in nests, ponds, and forests. Audiences will also get a peek into the life of young boars, who explore and affect the forest around them from a very early age. We also have a great story about the breeding journeys of colourful puffins at Skomer Island.”

In addition to the live broadcasts, there will be a number of pre-recorded films from other contributors.  I think [hearing from other contributors is really important. It’s their patch and something they are very passionate about,” said Chris Packham.  Mindfulness Moments will also return in every programme. The 90-second films celebrate nature in all its glory, including colour, texture, sound and lighting. This series, we can expect frolicking fox cubs and crashing waves on the Cornish coast.

Megan McCubbin will be off on a spring road trip across the North of England. Stop offs will include Kielder Forest, Hauxley Nature Reserve and Newcastle.

Iolo Williams will be back on the Isle of Mull, which is home to 22 pairs of white-tailed eagles and 30 golden eagle territories. He will explore a wild meadow and the wildlife that lives within it, including invertebrates, small mammals and snakes.

Springwatch 2022’s three-week run will start on Monday 30th May and end on Friday 17th June 2022. It will air every night, Tuesday to Friday, at 8pm on BBC 2.

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