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Today I’m flying solo at the hide. The much needed trim to the path is now complete , paddling pool water topped up , so that’s todays duties done and dusted. It’s quiet here today , both in the number of feathers and paws visiting the hide , but also noise created by humans. The main road is a few hundred metres away and depending on which way the wind blows , it can be noisy. Not the type of noise that’s overpowering, it’s just there in the background.

But today , hardly any road noise. In fact hardly anyone on the foot path that runs along one of the meadows boarders, surprisingly for a Saturday ! If fact  virtually the only sound is the bird song. Again that’s surprising because sightings have been very sparse. Lots of Red kites and Buzzards circling in the distance but. Very few small woodland birds. 

And , just as I started to pack the cameras away , the paddling pool burst into life . Blackbirds , Wren , Blue and Great tits and a rather photogenic Goldcrest . All splashing around in the water , having a great old time.

Here’s a few more images ……

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