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Friday at the hide , 13th may 2022

A bonus day at the hide today , and i’m not here alone , today my co-pilot is none other than The Wiltshire Birdman , Mr Graham Stewart. It’s been over a week since my last visit to the hide , an boy has the meadow grown , in places it’s already 2ft tall ( 600mm)  Already its time for the strimmers first outing of the year.

Here are a few photos ……


Here is my photo of the week , the humble Great tit , enjoying a bath in the paddling pool at the Meadow Hide.


Today I’m flying solo at the hide. The much needed trim to the path is now complete , paddling pool water topped up , so that’s todays duties done and dusted. It’s quiet here today , both in the number of feathers and paws visiting the hide , but also noise created by humans. The […]


Poor old fox , the noisy hedgehogs proved to much for him…….


Five days Five days is apparently a long time . I should explain that we have just returned home after a short five day trip north of the border to sunny Edinburgh, Scotland. We were in Edinburgh for the wedding of the now Mr & Mrs Ross and had a fabulous time in the Scottish […]


Meet the Model – Norbert the Nuthatch words and images by Peter Hanscomb Say hello to Norman , the Nuthatch  Sitta europaea.  This small agile and busy tit-sized woodland bird has a short tail, large head and a woodpecker-like bill. Nuthatches are the only bird that will climb up and down tree trunks in mature […]


Time for photo of the week , and it has to be this Robin , taking a bath at the paddling pool.


Tuesday 3rd May 2022 Another day at the meadow hide and its been a little crowded , myself , Anne and Graham all in attendance. we have mapped out the location for the new wildlife pond , directly in front of the hide and it is going to be a lot bigger than the paddling […]


We are carrying out a few minor improvements to the site , most of which you hopefully will not notice . We love to here from you and comments and suggestions are always welcome . We now have a new dedicated email address.


Wiltshire Wildlife Trust – Hagbourne Copse This pocket of woodland , purchased by the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust in 1999 provides a breathing space for wildlife in west Swindon and a peaceful place where workers can take a lunchtime stroll. In April and May you can enjoy a stunning display of native bluebells. The copse was planted some […]

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