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Five days

Five days is apparently a long time . I should explain that we have just returned home after a short five day trip north of the border to sunny Edinburgh, Scotland. We were in Edinburgh for the wedding of the now Mr & Mrs Ross and had a fabulous time in the Scottish capital. We even managed to divert to Northumberland for an overnight stay on the way back home. 

I have to confess, I have never visited this part of the U.K. before , and based on a very fleeting visit that may have been a mistake. The views are breathtaking and the welcome was very warm and friendly.

Anyway , returning home I was amazed by the transformation in the garden. The apple tree which is the centre piece of the garden has gone in five days from being full of blossom to fully full of leaves. Next doors pair of ash trees contained a newly constructed Magpie nest. We have been watching the birds build the nest for the past four weeks. It’s now completely hidden by foliage.

Summer is on its way.

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