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The Food Thief

My attempts to keep the fox away from the hedgehog food has failed again .

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Monday at the Hide 15th August 2022 What a strange day here at the hide. It has been another hot muggy night here , so time for an early morning trip to the hide. And all is as it should be . The paddling pool is the centre of all the activity , hardly surprising […]


Kit Bag – BioLite Charge 80 PD  lithium-ion battery pack. When your out all day taking pictures the one limitation for me is battery power. I tend to edit on the go and in fact I’m writing this review in the meadow hide so extending the battery life of my devices in really important for me […]


Well , that’s been another hot week here at the meadow hide. Hopefully we have a small rest bite with cooler weather predicted for next week and some much needed rain as well. One of the biggest challenges during warn weather is keeping the water levels in the paddling pool high enough. As I have […]

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