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One of Exeter’s busiest roads is set to become a “wildlife highway”.

Topsham Road will become more wildlife-friendly through an initiative between Devon Wildlife Trust and Exeter City Council, the trust said. Areas of bare soil have been sown with wildflower seed mixes and grass verges will be left to grow longer. Emily Spraggon, from the trust, said: “The meadow flowers and grasses will attract insects such as bees, beetles, grasshoppers, butterflies and moths.”

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Islands get special protection status for birds

Four areas of islands off Jersey have been designated as Areas of Special Protection to reduce the risk to birds from increasing numbers of visitors. The four zones at Les Ecréhous are being introduced under Jersey’s wildlife law to protect the breeding activities and nesting of wild birds.

These include European shags, great cormorants, common terns, the roseate terns and oystercatchers.  It means unauthorised people cannot enter during breeding periods. It also restricts the speed of boats, stops dogs entering, and prohibits the use of drones, lasers, and fireworks.

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