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Thursday at the hide , 7th April 2022

Well here’s a first , it’s been rather damp today here at the hide . Coupled with a very strong wind blowing directly into the open windows . So for the first time I have had to use a rain shield for the camera , inside the hide !

The conditions seems to have also effected the wildlife. Very scarce with the exception of the Great Spotted Woodpecker. I think it is last years juvenile who is still hanging around the nest site. He may be a regular visitor here at the hide but it’s still a thrill to see him feeding. 

The long tailed tit’s have also been out in good numbers together with the usual Robins , Great tits , Blue tits and Dunnock. There has also been brief appearances from the Wren , Wood pigeon , Pheasant , Crow and Jackdaw. Oh and I nearly forgot the Blackbirds. And a fly past by a formation of rather noisy Magpies.

And I suppose I had better include the two Hares chasing each other around the meadow ( someone should tell them it’s now April ) , Rabbits and Bank vole . So there you go , a quiet day at the hide. The star of the show however has to be my friend Woody.

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