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Saturday at the hide

Don’t let the bright blue sky fool you , a snippet of the conversation between myself and Anne as we walk from the car towards the hide. It’s one of those clear and bright freezing cold late winter days with a chill in the wind that bites straight through you. And as ever the hide , hidden under the tree line feels a couple of degrees lower . Cold.

It didn’t seem to put off our feathered and furry friends who once again were out in good numbers. The Bank vole was very active darting here and there all around the paddling pool , once again the centre of most of the action. No sighting of the squirrels or rats today , which is unusual. The rabbits didn’t venture to far from their burrows in the hedgerow but were out in good numbers.

Considering the low temperature it was really surprising the number of birds coming into the paddling pool to have a bath. Robins , Great tits , Long tailed tits and Dunnock among the many visitors. But there was no doubt the humble Blue tit was the star of the show. Anyway time for a warm up in the local pub !


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